Hands Together Orphanage

Over the past few years, we have come to love the people of Haiti and felt that God is directing us to help more in the country. Answering that call, lead to the creation of Hands Together Orphanage, a direct result of Empower Haiti’s generous donors.

This group is not like most other organizations that come and mission to many orphanages, bringing gifts and moving on; we are building life-long relationships with our children all the way to adulthood, devoting all of our time to the same 17 children.

Hope for Orphans

With out sponsors, Empower Haiti will be able to invest in the lives of these children with a personal connection. Sponsors allow the children to receive education, meals, clothing, housing and health care! All of which was not part of their daily lives before.

Our Children

Each of the orphaned children were found with no beds, no change of clothes, no schooling and no consistent source of food. Their housing and care were constantly changing, as they were being passed from family to family. Now happy and healthy, our 17 children have a home and a loving family at Hands Together Orphanage!

Olna D'or

Olna loves attention and one-on-one time. She is so loving and always smiling! Olna came to Hands Together separate from the other children, and instantly joined our big, happy family.

Age 12 (April 2006)

Louisemene' Garius

Louisemene is the oldest girl in the house, and is learning to be a leader. While shy at first, she has an extremely loving and silly personality.

Age 11 (October 2006)

Yoline Michel

Sasssy and always giggling, Yoline is quite the character! She's a true leader and willing to step up and help Louisemene set the example for the other girls.

Age 11 (May 2007)

Nandy Doona Jean

Nandy is affectionate and calm, always wanting to be around others, especially when she can hold our hands. She loves to take pictures and sing, showing her entertaining personality when she thinks no one is looking!

Age 11 (June 2007)

Israel Prophete

Israel is the oldest boy in the house, and the quietest child. However, once you get to know him you will find he has the sweetest demeanor, and is very smart! Despite his lack of previous schooling, Israel was advanced to the next class at school!

Age 10 (October 2007)

Lovelie Exil

Lovelie is one of the sweetest, happiest girls you will ever meet! She always has the biggest smile on her face, and is nurturing to her brothers and sisters. Fun fact about Lovelie - she's left handed!

Age 10 (June 2008)

Samson Salomon

Samson is independent, and a little shy at first. He is the sweetest little boy with such a kind heart! Samson loves to draw pictures and play soccer.

Age 9 (January 2009)

Christela Francois

Even though she often tries to hide it, Christela has a spunk to her that is infectious. She is always having fun and encouraging her "siblings" to do the same.

Age 9 (July 2009)

Anjerry Philipp

Anjerry is by far the sweetest boy you will ever meet. Without being prompted, he constantly takes care of the younger children, making sure they have anything they need or want. He is playful, chatty and loves to give hugs!

Age 9 (November 2009)

Bellenson Stinfort

It's hard not to smile back at Belenson's big, toothless grin! He's silly, playful and so kind to the other children. He's a boy of few words, but why would you need to say anything when you just radiate happiness? 

Age 8 (January 2010)

Gertrose Alphonse

Gertrose is an animated little girl, always singing, dancing or talking. She is so full of life and energy, and gets along great with all of the other children. She loves to walk like a model and strike a pose!

Age 8 (January 2010)

Lincey Florcy Octavil

Lincey is soft spoken and so sweet! She loves being a part of the group and playing with her sisters. Lincey came to Hands Together separate from the other children, and instantly joined our big, happy family.

Age 7 (September 2010)

Jhuffelson Isaac

Jhufelson is solid muscle and laughs. Our little "muscle man" is always running and playing with his best friend Johnley, giggling at everything they do. Fun fact about Jhufelson - he's left handed!

Age 8 (June 2010)

Johnley Francois

Johnley never stops smiling or dancing, except maybe to sleep. He is independent, but loves to play with his best friend Jhufelson. His smile and laugh is infectious, and all of his "siblings" love his sweet demeanor!

Age 6 (March 2012)

Luc-Sencia Vertus

She might be small, but Luc-Sencia is full of personality! Funny and sassy, she is full of surprises and keeps everyone laughing.

Age 6 (June 2012)

Topac Fenelon B. Alexis

Topac is one non-stop ball of energy. A typical toddler, he runs, jumps, asks questions and is in to everything. He is wary of new people, but is so lovable once he gets to know you! 

Age 4 (March 2014)

Beedji Maleica Vincent

Beedji is the newest member of our family, but a natural fit! Her biological mother is one of the hired house moms at HTO, and was living with an aunt while her mother was at work. Once we found out we insisted she come live at the house with her mother. The very next day she arrived, and has brought so many new smiles!


While technically she is not sponsored or in our custody, we still consider her one of our family with her mother's permission. 

Age 3 (January 2015)

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