Orphanage of Faith

Although I made the quick trip alone this past weekend, I would absolutely consider it a productive trip. And very much glad that I went (even though my side kick was sidelined).

For those that were prayer warriors, gave money, donated toys, donated clothes, donated sports balls, I cannot express my gratitude enough.

As suspected I came home with more questions than answers. We will continue to take steps with our flashlight and allow God to light the path.

The successes of the trip:

1) Together we bought over $620 (US) in food for 3 separate orphanages ($420 of which went directly to the one greatly in need). That's enough food to last them 4-5 months (rice, beans, canned fish, pasta, cooking oil and charcoal). So to feed the 14 kids costs on average $7.50 per month/per child. The bare necessities (see pictures).

2) I arranged to have 7 bunk b

eds built for them as well as mattresses. Price is still TBD for those; depending on the material costs. There isn't a home depot down the street (some materials are very hard to come by) and prices I've learned fluctuate a lot.

3) I'm actively looking for a place for the kids to call their own and to set up the proper licensing through the Haitian Government. I visited 2 separate properties while there. More to come on this in the months ahead.

4) Through Crystal, Give with Love, we distributed numerous sets of clothes to the 14 kids. I was going to give some to the kids outside of the "orphanage" because so many sets of clothes were donated, but my translator said it would cause a riot. So the kids in the orphanage have plenty of clothes!

Prayer needs:

1) Please continue to pray about the mission trip in February.

2) Pray for Haiti (there was one little girl in particular in the orphanage we are actively trying to help that has been and is very sick (possibly cholera).

3) Continue to pray for discernment, wisdom and great stewardship with the money that has been and continues to be donated. 100% has been or will be given to help the kids.

4) Pray that God continues to open doors and hearts of Americans to help the people of Haiti.

Please if anyone is interested in helping in February, let me know.

Attached are various pictures from this past Saturday. If anyone would like to have a picture of the little girl that is very sick to pray over, please let me know and I will forward it to you.

God Bless,


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