Beds & Food Update

Between the food and the beds (7 bunk beds; 1 iron and the rest wood), I've spent $1,400 +/-.

My friend (I didn't know she was going) dropped back by the orphanage yesterday unannounced.

I thought it very prudent to send my communication with Kelly (down for 6 weeks in Haiti).

Attached are a couple of videos of the beds that are almost complete.

Below is our chain of communication:

Kelly - I got to visit the orphanage again yesterday! The kids were still eating from the food you bought for them and they couldn't stop talking about the beds and how excited they are! Just wanted you to hear that God has used you in big ways and He definitely sent a ray of hope through you to those kids and the family there!

Jesse - I heard that y'all had visited. Wasn't sure if it was you or just someone you sent. Thank you so much for doing that. I've taken on a monumental task but I know God will bless it (in His time of course). For the short term (i.e. 1 year), I've found a place for them to move to. It's $700 for the year. It's close to a school so they can walk there. Has water and a wall. I think that is fairly reasonable? We're going to get legal with the govt once they move. Long term hoping to buy land and build. I'll continue to take steps with the flashlight and let God light the path. I look forward to meeting up with you once you are back and settled.

Kelly - Oh that makes my heart so happy! $700 for the year is a very good price! So excited for what all God will do through you and your church! Looking forward to meeting up as well!

Thank you guys again. Without y'all, the kids would have continued to sleep on the floor and would have lacked for food.

God Bless,


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