Housing/Bedding Update

Good Morning Everyone,

Over the past week, we've received a total of $610 in donations. What a blessing. This was enough to finish all of the beds and buy mattresses for the kids! See pictures.

The 1st or 2nd week of August, the kids will be leaving the family they are with now and be moving into a house we've found to rent (pictures). It's $700 for the year! :) They will still be sleeping on the floor until they move into their new house. There are reasons for not moving the beds into their house now.

As I learn more and more, the kids, over time, were dropped off at a church. The church, from my understanding, has been moving the kids from family-to-family over a period of months/years.

So, with all that said, they will finally have a place to call their own and their won't be any more moving from home-to-home. They will start to have stability in their lives. :)

This is a blessing for the kids, but it is not without some hiccups. Because they will be leaving the family they are with now, they will move into an empty house with nothing other than the food we bought them, the beds/mattresses, the clothes that was given and the toys. That will pretty much be it...

We will have 2 house moms that will be taking care of the kids daily. We are still looking for them. They will live with the kids, cook for, care for and be in charge of their daily care/guidance.

So, with all that said, the mission trip in February has changed a bit. We will focus mainly on these kids and this orphanage (spending time with, improving their living quarters, developing relationships with them, etc...).

As Frantz (guy we use in Haiti) told me the other day, your a new dad. I told him I can't handle the 4 I have now! ;)

If anyone sees a child in the picture they would like to correspond with, please let me know. They honestly receive nothing from anyone. I'd be glad to see to it that individual letters/emails are delivered and translated. I've seen all these kids personally! It's not some far off organization with no personal attachment.

Thanks everyone and God Bless,


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