Housing Update

Good Morning All,

So it's been around a week or two since I sent an update out. :) If you'd like to be removed from my list, please let me know (it's not a problem at all). But thankfully, my contact list is slowly expanding.

I pray that each of you will take the time to read the email, watch the short videos and share with others.

Here are some highlights over the past 6 weeks about the 14 kids and their progress since we've found them:

1) They now don't have to worry about where their next meal is coming from. At least for the short-term.

2) They will have a place of their own as of Wednesday.

3) They have clothes.

4) They have beds and mattresses (which I'm told they are super excited about). If y'all will remember, they have been sleeping on floors and have been moving from house to house via a local church there.

5) They will have 2 full time "house moms" to take care of them 24/7.

6) As of 8/15, they will get their uniforms for school that starts in September.

7) They will actually go to school in September!!! From my understanding, the last time they were in school was June of last year.

8) Government process has started as far as licensing and obtaining custody of the kids through the Government.

I absolutely cannot express my gratitude enough. Thanks to God and y'all we have been able to do this. And we need to remember that these kids had NOTHING 6 weeks ago.

Below are 2 links to 2-3 minute videos of what I received yesterday from Frantz. A couple of notes on the videos:

1) The house is small, but remember they are in Haiti! They have concrete floors and their outside area is concrete.

2) They have a nice steel door and bars on the windows. Great for security.

3) I've been paying Frantz for his work down there. I want to point out that he took his own money and had them a table built to eat on, on his own!!!

I pray you take the time to watch these as it will give real glimpse as to where these kids will be staying for the next year (at least):



Also, I want to mention that the interest in the mission trip in February is slowly expanding. Please continue to spread the word. We will spend a lot of time with these 14 kids building relationships (as they have no one)!

We could always use more donations (ie buy sheets for them, buy food, buy soap, buy laundry soap, buy a rain collection barrell for their roof (they have a bathroom, but no water), etc...

Here is the link if anyone feels led: http://www.empowerhaitians.org/#!donate/c1ghi

And, lastly, Frantz, his pastor and members of their church will be doing a community prayer over the kids, their new lives and the new house tomorrow at 10:00 AM our time. It would be awesome if each one of y'all would consider saying a little prayer tomorrow at 10:00 AM thanking God for all that He's done thru us and to provide a path for these kids and their future!

God Bless,


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